Ecommerce Boosting Crash Course

4.000,00 EGP

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1st DAY: Ecommerce Marketing Plan
E-commerce business plan
Digital strategy for e-commerce
Choosing the right platform.
Differences and benefits of:
– Shopify
– Salla
– Youcan
– Woocommerce
2nd DAY: UX for E-commerce
Key Features of E-Commerce Websites
Importance of User Experience
The Principles of UX Design
3rd DAY: Copywriting for E-commerce
Landing page writing tips
Product feature and benefits tips
Social media copywriting techniques for e-commerce
AI tools for e-commerce content creation
( designs/ videos/ reels )
4th DAY: SEO for E-commerce
Keywords optimization
Technical SEO process.
SEO for e-commerce:
International SEO
Local SEO
Voice search
Case studies
5th DAY: Media Plan for E-commerce
Media plan for e-commerce
Conversions ads strategy
Scaling strategy
Budget forecasting
Campaign metrics and KPIs
6th DAY: Crash Course Bouns
Add-on project day
e-commerce templates from a-z
Technical support to build your store
Go to market plan in KSA & UAE


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