3. Sun Festival

3. Sun Festival

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According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god was the most important deity for the ancient Egyptians. Celebrated at the biggest temple of the ancient world at Abu Simbel, the festival is celebrated in February and October when the sun rays reach the innermost sanctums of the temple and only the statue dedicated to Ptah the goddess of darkness remains in the dark. Other important deities like Ra, Ramses and Amun get enlightened, creating a spectacular scene for all those that are present at the temple.

This is one of the best-recommended things to experience from around the world. This is a recommended thing for you to witness while on a trip to this ancient yet spectacular land of the world’s most advanced ancient civilization of the world. It was one of the most revered festivals in ancient Egypt.

When is it Celebrated: February and October

Where is it Celebrated: Abu Simbel

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